Several reasons to use camping canopy

Many people bring camping canopy to the beach or set them up on the lawn for parties. But have you ever thought about bringing a camping canopy with you on your next camping trip? Whether you're camping on the beach, in the woods, or in a different setting, a camping canopy has amazing uses and benefits. Here are some of the ways a camping canopy can make your next camping trip more convenient and enjoyable.

camping canopy

1. Create a public area

Camping with friends or extended family, each bringing their own separate tent? Where do you hang out chatting and eating during the day? You will need a common area to gather so you can spend time together. A camping canopy provides you with a sheltered public space.

2. Continue to enjoy your campsite in the rain

It may also rain during your camping trip. But that rain won't necessarily make you retreat into your yurt or another camping tent. As long as the wind isn't too strong and the rain doesn't come in from the side, you can sit under the camping canopy and continue enjoying the view. If necessary, you can also install one or more sidewalls to prevent rain or wind from entering from the side.

3. Provide yourself with an "entrance" to the tent where you can clean and dry

When you're camping in a rainy climate, it can be difficult to get into the tent to sleep without smearing dirt and dripping rain on it. A typical solution is to put a camping canopy over your head so you can get off your wet clothes and boots somewhere before climbing up to something warm and dry. That way, you don't track mud and water into your sleeping space.

NOTE: If you decide to place a tarp under the camping canopy, make sure the tent poles are not placed on top of it and the sides are beyond the confines of the shelter. You don't want water to collect along the perimeter of the tarp and run to where the utility poles are. If this happens, it will collect in the exact area where you are struggling to stay dry.

4. Store excess items under a camping canopy

In addition to giving you an entry area that you can clean up before entering the tent to sleep in, the camping canopy also gives you a sheltered space to store your camping gear.

5. You can sleep under the canopy if you want

A camping canopy is not a traditional option for sleeping during a camping trip, but maybe you don't want to sleep in the complete enclosure. There's nothing stopping you from lying on the ground beneath your camping canopy and enjoying the open, fresh air as you fall asleep. If you want some privacy, you can always set up some sidewalls.

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